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Weston elementary school cancer

Parents in Ripon, California say a cell phone tower in a local schoolyard is to blame for the cancer diagnoses of four students in the last three years. The tower, which is located at Weston Elementary, is the same as others scattered throughout the town.

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However, one parent told CBS Sacramento that its proximity to her son led to his brain cancer diagnosis. Ferrulli's son Mason was the second child to be diagnosed with cancer in just three years at the school. Mason walked by the cell phone tower daily. She also told the Modesto Bee that when questioned, the school district cited an "obsolete American Cancer Society study" as the reasoning for keeping the tower in its current location.

Ferrulli told the newspaper that parents will continue to fight and keep their children out of the school. On Tuesday, more than children were absent from Weston Elementary as a form of protest. Tuesday night, the children's parents attended a meeting of the Ripon Unified School District. Richard Rex, whose family lives across the street from Weston School, said a bump appeared on his year-old son's abdomen a month ago.

He said his son's classroom is near the tower. Rex's son was taken to doctors for examinations and tests that found a tumor wrapped around his liver.

The boy now has a portal for starting cancer treatment, his parents told the Bee. They're also talking liver transplant. It is very scary," Rex said. In a statement to Newsweek from RUSD said the school board and administration "empathizes with and support these children and their families in their recovery.

RUSD is 10 years into a year contract with the tower's owner, Sprint, which requires it to honor the lease for this tower location. Adrienne Norton, a Sprint representative, indicated that the company's goal is to provide wireless service to Ripon residents. The school district is working with Sprint to address the concerns of the community, the statement said.

A group of parents were unconvinced by the district's reassurances and hired Eric Windheim, an electromagnetic radiation specialist.Update: The city of Ripon, the district and Sprint held their own town hall about the cell tower on Thursday. Flora confirmed Sprint shut down their cell phone tower at Weston Elementary School and the company was already relocating it. RIPON -- After almost a year of resting in the fact that her son was cancer free, Monica Ferrulli's was back to helping her son, Mason, battle a brain tumor.

It's really hard to watch. A community meeting held Wednesday was part of Ferrulli's effort to go beyond watching and instead take decisive action to find out why so many people across Ripon have cancer, especially children. She learned of Mason's newest diagnosis last week. It's the third time he's had to confront cancer in two years.

His former schoolmate at Weston Elementary, Kyle Prime, is one of eight students and teachers at the school who have been diagnosed with cancer.

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On Wednesday, the company reiterated, "Three independent tests were conducted and the results showed the site to be fully compliant and operating about times below federal limits. Though the Ferrullises and the Primes started fighting for the removal of the tower two years ago over radiation concerns, they only got assurances that it would be taken down 10 days ago. That came two months after partnering with lawyers from The Cochran Firm. Those lawyers came to Ripon trying to educate the community about many different forms of contamination their research shows is affecting the city, some they claim have been leaking into area groundwater for decades.

We want to save lives. We want to prevent this from happening. Morris and the other lawyers from The Cochran Firm say when adjusting for size, cancer rates in the small town of Ripon are substantially higher than the California average.

The latest figures the American Cancer Society has posted for the Golden State show about people out ofget diagnosed with the disease per year. FOX40 reached out to Nestle for comment and received the following statement Thursday from communications manager Emily Dimiero:. In partnership with the City and other experts in water management, we have implemented a variety of coordinated cleanup and water protection measures to significantly reduce the mass of chemicals of concern and limit the spread of impacted groundwater.

We are constantly working together to ensure the levels of TCE and related compounds in the municipal drinking water supply do not exceed safe consumption levels. Our collective TCE cleanup efforts have had a positive impact, but we have more work to do. We are dedicated to continuing our work with the City and the Water Board to ensure the safety of the water supply. As part of the relocation process, Sprint has turned off the cell tower at Weston Elementary School and is moving forward with leasing, permitting and deploying a new site.

weston elementary school cancer

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Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated. Close Modal Suggest a Correction Your name required. Your email required. Report a typo or grammatical error required.Eight children have been diagnosed with cancer at the same elementary school - prompting parents' fears that a cell phone tower could be to blame. The affected students at Weston Elementary School in Ripon are all under the age of 10, each with different types of cancer: brain, kidney, liver and lymphoma.

There is scant evidence that cell phone towers pose a real risk to humans, but even skeptics say the number of cases affecting children in such a small city is unusual. Sprint, which owns the tower, has shut it down despite insisting the radio frequency levels are times below the federal limit.

But the kids' mothers say their own private investigator found much higher levels, though still below the limit. According to the American Cancer Society, about Californians perdevelop cancer every year.

That's a rate of 0. Monica Ferrulli, who son Mason was diagnosed with brain cancer intold CBS : 'It is classified as a possible carcinogen. Ferrulli and Kelly Prime, whose son Kyle was diagnosed with kidney cancer inhave been fighting to take the tower down for two years.

weston elementary school cancer

After hiring lawyers earlier this year, they finally got assurance in March that it would be coming down. Their lawyers at The Cochran Firm argue that contamination is the most likely cause of the unusually high rate of childhood cancer in one small area. Brad Rex, a fifth grader, was recently diagnosed, then admitted to hospital with bleeding from his tumor.

But he also says other forms of contamination may be compounding factors, implying that a Nestle plant may have leaked toxins into the soil for years.

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Comments 1 Share what you think. View all. More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search.Update March Sprint has turned off the transmissions from the tower. In addition, two preschool-age children living near the school have been treated for a malignant tumor and leukemia, and a Modesto family says a year-old former student of Weston underwent surgery last year for a brain tumor.

As of March 28, the antennas have been turned off. Now that yet another student has developed cancer inparents demanded the tower be removed. The March school board meeting was packed in opposition to the cell tower and the meeting was widely covered by press. Parents stated they are holding the school board accountable. Daily Mail: Parents say the radiation from a cell phone tower on a California elementary school campus has given four students cancer in less than three years. Parents demand removal of cell tower from schoolMarch 12, District looks for answers March 14, The Modesto Bee: Ripon school parents want cell tower removed over cancer fear, March 12, Read the research that links cell towers to cancer and other health effects here.

Mason underwent a hour surgery to remove the tumor and has undergone six weeks of therapy to re-learn how to eat and walk. A tumor engulfed his left kidney and needed to be removed.

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Our mailing address is: P.Andrew Goodspeed August 31, The cell tower at Weston Elementary School is a very divided topic. Two students were diagnosed with different forms of cancer and some people believe that the cell tower may be a contribute to the cancer and make recovery harder for the students with cancer.

The total amount of people with a form of cancer is 4 students and 2 staff. Mason had to take six weeks of physical therapy to relearn how to eat and walk. It has been proven that children have increased absorption rates of radiation compared to adults.

The American Cancer Society found it inconclusive whether cell towers are linked to cancer, although the risk would increase with closer proximity to a cell tower. Currently there is very little funding to pediatric research.

Many tumors may have possible links with electronic devices such as cell phones. If you want a picture to show with your comment, go get a gravatar.

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weston elementary school cancer

Presidential Dropouts. Meeting The New Freshmen.Kyle was ten years old when, inhe was diagnosed with kidney cancer. In another ten-year-old boy, Mason, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Some parents raised the issue with the school, noting the low likelihood of two children having cancer in the same 17,person town, let alone at the same school.

In the last two years, two more current students and one former student were diagnosed with cancer. The Modesto Bee spoke with the brother of the former student, who had a brain tumor removed in a hour surgery last year. He is 22 years old. He does not deserve this. On Monday, over two hundred students stayed home, while their parents attended a public meeting to discuss the next step. Earlier this year concerned parents hired Eric Windheim, an electromagnetic radiation specialist, who concluded that although the tower was within government standards, it probably is the cause of the cancer.

His report was a topic of serious discussion at the meeting, but the school contradicted the report in a letter saying they had had the tower tested repeatedly and found the radiation levels to be well below legal requirements and completely safe.

A hot potato: After four students of Weston Elementary School in Ripon, California were diagnosed with cancer in three years, parents and students alike have begun protesting to force the school to remove a Sprint cell phone tower. The school says the tower is safe and isn't going anywhere. Load Comments User Comments: 37 Got something to say? Post a comment. Recently commented stories Jump to forum mode. Add your comment to this article You need to be a member to leave a comment.

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Scientists link cellphone radiation to cancer in rats

I definitely find it odd the 2 boys who were friends both got cancer. This seems greatly unusual, but not impossible. I'd think it was more about some activity the 2 boys did together, maybe without their parents knowledge, but that'd be more speculation.

In theory other forms of cancer could be seen from ionising radiation but I did some maths and found that exposure to the sun for 1 day is comparable to 27 years near a mobile phone. So the idea that the cancer was caused by radiation seems somewhat impossible to me. According to cancer. All the information here seems very disjointed.

weston elementary school cancer

TCE could have caused one of the children's kidney cancer. But at the same time cancer isn't uncommon, according to cancer. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Asked 20 days ago. Active 20 days ago. Viewed times.

Tests reveal carcinogen TCE in tap water but carcinogen is 10x lower than the legal limit 0. More info. Types of cancer observed: The 4 children who obtained cancer had the following types of cancers: Kidney Cancer Brain Cancer 2 more unknown The mothers also compiled a list of cancers occurring in their area which include: Breast cancer Leukemia Liver cancer Kidney Cancer Cancers caused by radiation from googling : Lung cancer - from breathing in radon Skin cancer - exposure to ionising radiation In theory other forms of cancer could be seen from ionising radiation but I did some maths and found that exposure to the sun for 1 day is comparable to 27 years near a mobile phone.

Parents blame school’s cell tower after 4th elementary student diagnosed with cancer

What are your thoughts? Sancarn Sancarn 1 1 bronze badge. I think the jury is still out: sacramento. The end of this seems to be worded as if it's looking for opinions or discussions, which aren't really on topic on this site.

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I would suggest rewording that a bit. See the help centre for more details skeptics. There is another possibility: radioctive particles dumped on the land by the Windscale and Chernobyl fires. Although the UK government tried to air-brush it away by renaming the plant as Sellafield and saying most of the radioactivity was Iodine with a half-life of only 8 days there were other isotopes too, which may have lingered, and it's possible the two boys liked one such spot.

Perhaps the wind blew a particle into a crevice which somehow never gets washed by the rain. WeatherVane - You're saying that incidents in Britain and Ukraine caused cancer in kids in California?????